The Von Minden Hotel is one of the most interesting and best places to go to do an investigation of a haunted hotel.
Here is an excerpt from another website called  Most Haunted Places in America.
There are a few reasons the Von Minden Hotel stands out in Schulenburg, Texas. Built in 1927 it stands four stories high and is a dominating presence in the landscape, it is the only hotel left in Texas that features a movie theater that still plays the latest films and it is considered one of the most haunted places in America.
Some may recognize this as the hotel holding a paranormal conference in 2003. It is there that the Von Minden starting getting its reputation of having a lot of paranormal activity. Since it was built the building has changed hands only once but when a hotel has been around as long as the Von Minden, you can bet it also has seen its fair share of deaths.
One of the most notable apparitions seen is a woman in a polka dotted dress. This story is of a WW II paratrooper returning home after his plane was shot down. He had lost his leg and was badly disfigured as a result of the crash. His mail had caught up to him as he stayed a night at the Von Minden Hotel on his was back home. The letters were in a mess and one contained a Dear John letter which upset the soldier so much that he threw himself out the window of room 37.
Unfortunately for him the letters were out of order and a further letter revealed his girlfriend had changed her mind and was on her way to meet him. She showed up in a polka dotted dress only to find out that her boyfriend had committed suicide. It has been reported by guests and staff that a woman in a polka dotted dress has been seen in the hallways looking around, presumably for her boyfriend.
In room 23 a railroad worker suddenly died in his room close to the door which he blocked closed. Once the body was discovered it took a small hotel worker to climb in through the transom located above the door, move the body and open the door. The railway worker is also reported to be seen in and around the room.
Some also believe that Gerhardt Von Minden’s daughter Leonida and her husband are still wondering around the theater next door. There have also been reports of voices within the rooms, air conditioners being turned off and on, doors opening and closing, knocking sounds coming from within the rooms and pictures coming out with blue streaks in them
i have stayed at this hotel a few times and every time i have there has always been some sort of activity occur..here are the latest pictures from my most previous investigation.
Orbs have long been controversial in the paranormal evidence arena but i tend to believe that orbs do serve some purpose.
Orb flickers here but shouldnt because this is a wood antique desk.
Spirit face found at the Von Minden Hotel in Schulenberg,Texas...
Close up of the spirit face found in the previous picture taken on the staircase of the Von Minden Hotel in Schulenberg,Texas
Here is the theater that is still connected to the hotel and still functions as place to go catch a flick on a saturday night.And even in this pic the spirits are readily availible..see this one?
Here is a close up of the previous theater pic..what do you see?
Right outside the Hotel Von Minden.
This image was captured outside at the Von Minden Hotel near the wall of the hotel where the guy jumped to his death.
Taken from the level looking up at the hotel
Do you see three little faces look out?
but then now only two?
Taken outside the window of death..room 37
notice the green orb?
now it's gone.
spirit of a woman?wishful thinking?highly pixelated mass that show the form of an old woman.this is how spirts are seen on film.
More images from the Von Minden Hotel
shadown being? something anyway resembling a person.
Now check this orb's shape..it is seen thruout this investigation at different parts of the hotel.
it's got alittle piece missing from it
heres that orb again..with the piece missing.
look..here it is again..with that little piece missing.
see it again?orb with piece of it missing
Orbs or dust?
This purple haze was odd when there wasnt any purple lights around at the time.
real orb here
plastic door handle catcher here
abstract art bascially.
is that someone peeping around the stairs?
spirit of a man?
Close of the red faced spirit
One of the most odd pics to date
Woman in polka dotted dress?