viewer submitted photos
Pic was submitted by Cliff Jackson of Houston,Texas...he said his grandson who is only 4 actually took this shot in the boy's family apartment..the boy was just playing with the camera, taking pics of stuff around the apartment..This was on one of the photo's..Maybe you can see the little girl in this photo.(I'VE TRIED TO MATCH HER UP WITH ANY IMAGES ON THE INTERNET THAT WOULD EXPLAIN THE APPEARENCE OF THIS YOUNG GIRL AND I COULD FIND NO SUCH EVIDENCE TO POINT TO A DOUBLE EXPOSURE FROM A TV).The apartments that they live in were some of the first apartments built in this neighborhood known as Greenspoint..They have been there for several years..there have been many deaths along the way in this neighborhood and probably in this apartment complex as well.. 
If anyone has any info or comments on this pic please email at http://ROBERTEGARNER@GMAIL.COM.
LUFKIN PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS:  LUFKIN PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS is a group of paranormal researchers out of Lufkin Texas led by founder and lead investigator CHAD HUGHES..                           
  Since 2008 this investigative team have combed the pines of the Lufkin and East Texas stomping grounds in search of answers to the paranormal..One such stomping ground is a local Cemetery by the name of Largent located in Lufkin. The following pic was taken by Chad Hughes and was shared with Ghostheadfinder by Lufkin Paranormal Investigations and i was truly excited to be able to help analyze and help contribute to the validation of this paranormal activity..
This is the original pic Chad shared with was taken at Largent Cemetery...Chad had circled what he believed to be a Spirit wandering about.... 
As an investigator my first inclination was to zoom in on the specific portion of activity or anomalous imagery of the pic..this was made easier wth Chad's help with the outline...
The first thing i see after the zoom is a figure of a man who seems to be standing there posing for the pic being totally aware of Chads presceance. So once a frame of reference has been established then it becomes easier to see that this is defintely a Spirit of a man who seems to be walking thru the cemetery...
Another thing that leads me to believe that this is geniune paranormal activity is the fact that an Orb to the left appears and is energized at the very time this pic is taken and the apparition is caught on film..In my opinion Orbs act as energy conductors for Spirits when they avail themselves like this one did's classic paranormal activity when two simultaneous anamolys are occuring in the same pic....
Black hair,eye glasses,looks like he is wearing a jumpsuit,defintely a male spirit...
I thought this image was plausible in that he looks to be strolling thru the cemetery..either way this Spirit is on the move..
GHOSTHEADFINDER'S FINAL CONCLUSION: This is a definite Spirit photograph..From my experience i would have to say Chad captured what appears to be a Spirit making a walk thru the cemetery and the fact that this pic was taken during the daylight hours gives this an even more incredible outcome of paranormal of Chad's endeavors in paranormal research is to help Spirits say goodbye to their loved ones...i believe this is something Chad just did and this makes him a natural in the field of paranormal research.....Please visit them at
This figure seems to have some transparency
It 's obvious this pic was taken at night..and the one thing that stands out to me is the location and the content of the memorial..
This is the original pic taken by Allison with Lufkin Paranormal Investigations..
The first thing Ghostheadfinder sees is an immediate Spirit face making his presceance known. and its not the Spirit of this headstone either..this is an older gentleman..thick parted to the side..prounounced eyes and nose with his mustache somehow being perfectly symetrical with his face..the kind of "calling card" a Spirit does to make his self seen..
The young man's info on the headstone was considerably younger then this Spirit face this man was a Spirit that was just passing thru when Allison captured it...
See the dates?..this was  a 14 year old's info on the headstone. ..
Then another Spirit face comes into the fold.  big round head and face..maybe balding ..wearing sunshades.obviously it is probably a part of the componets of the memorial but to me Spirits will try to reach out to have themselves seen..some may say parodolia is the reason  but i am one to believe we capture Spirits as oppose to Ghost on film and this is one of the ways how..Spirits can even help tell the story of the location being just have to look for it..
One thing that Ghostheadfinder noticed was the Spirit face that was literally on one of the investigators for Lufkin Paranormal Investigations..Notice how the color is completely lighter then the shirt it is surrounding..this is because a Spirit face this easily seen might be immursed in its own ectoplasm giving it a substance that because seen may actually makes this particular pic evidence of a is not uncommon for Spirits to use us as energy for availing themselves..
Another suspicious anolmoly was the object to the very left side of the investigator pictured in this pic and Ghostheadfinder sees something so i enhanced it and this is what it looks like .it has the characteristics of something paranormal but i was unable to completely feel safe in saying it..Yet still looks suspicious..
One thing that i find is that if there are simultaneous paranormal events occuringin a pic like the ones in this pic taken by Allison of Lufkin Paranormal Investigations..then i would not discount any anomolys that cannot be explained......
GHOSTHEADFINDERS FINAL CONCLUSION: This is definetely a Spirit pic as well as a Ghost pic..the overwhelming evidence of anolmolous matter on the pic itself..the location of the pic and the research team of Lufkin Paranormal Investigations with the proven ability to get good verifiable results leads me to believe that they have on thier hands one of Lufkins best ghost pics taken in quite sometime..Chad and his team have put together quite a resume of paranormal proof and Ghostheadfinder wants to say thanks for allowing us to be apart of it!
It looks  3 colored from its background...
Looks like an old lady to me
The name has been blotted out in respect for the familty
It's becoming quite  apparent that Lufkin Paranormal Investigations led by CHAD HUGHES  is quickly becoming the authority on paranormal activity in the East Texas region of ghost hunters...Another fascinating pic was shared with Ghostheadfinder again by this amazing team of paranormal researchers..This time the pic on display was taken by one of Lufkin Paranormal Lead Investigators by the name of Joey Dyess on june.  The location of this pic was  at The Pride House Bed and Breakfast in Jefferson Texas..Chad, Joey and the team were on  one of several investigations of this illustrious manor when joey took this pic of the front portion of the mansion..                     
Joey Dyess of Lufkin Paranormal Investigations says he sees a woman  in the window closest to the door and so Ghostheadfinder starts the is the cropped portion of the pic that Joey is talking about..and yes i too see the the window..looking out..she notices Joey as well...
I see her plain as day..blonde hair..light complexion..wearing what looks likes a braizier or undertop of some sort..
Her face almost comes in with detail..she is defintely staying at the house and i am sure she is a permanent tenant.
But then ghostheadfinder finds more activity in this most amazing pic that Joey took that i think is also relevent.....
There are also Spirit faces in this portion of the pic that i see that represent some of the explanation of why this Bed and Breakfast in Jefferson Texas is so active..down the window pane itself on the left hand side i see two faces that are also very aware of Joey..
These gentlemen seem to be very happy to avail themselves to Joey as he took this be able to get multiple Spirit faces in  your pics is the sign of someone who is a natural at Spirit photography..All of.Lufkin Paranormal Investigators seem to have this gift..
Here is another Sprit face in the pic..this one seems to smelling a flower..this Sprit seems to be quite content here at the B&B..
And although this particular portion of the pic might be peradolic in nature i would have to say what i see are  eyes and look fairly consistant with a Spirits gaze into a camera while a pic was being taken..With all the activity just in this one pic i think i will give the nod to the Spirit here....
GHOSTHEADFINDERS FINAL CONCLUSION: The pic submitted to Ghostheadfinder by Joey Dyess of Lufkin Paranormal Investigations is deemed a true Sprit photograph..There were several instances of activity shown on the pic..The lady..the tenants..the location of this town in which the pic was captured..the group in charge of the investigation and the individual investigator who captured this shows me that this pic is clear and convincing proof that  they captured paranormal activity and that this B&B in Jefferson Texas is haunted and active..Once again thanks to Chad and his team of credible and competent investigators:LUFKIN PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS
LUFKIN PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS: Once again Chad Hughes, the founder of Lufkin Paranormal Investigations and his team of ghost hunters have become to talk of the East Texas circles of paranormal researchers...His lead investigator Joe Dyess has once again  produced some amazing parnormal results. This  location being The Myrtles Plantation is one of the nations most haunted spots in America..The following pics were taken by Joe Dyess and sent to Ghostheadfinder for further anaylsis..
Pic. was taken at the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville Louisiana by Joe Dyess
Ghostheadfinder sees an empty rocking chair..but i do see someone sittng next to it..on the steps..older gentleman...with bluejean overalls on...the kind of overalls you would see someone wearing if they were working on the plantation at one time...
The cropped portion of paranormal activity that Ghostheadfinder sees...
This is an enhanced image of the previous pic showing a definite shape to the left of the rocking chair..kind of where one would be if sitting on the is not uncommon for spirits to haunt the former places of work that they themselves could never ever afford to have in their lives therefore grounding them to a specific location due to ones coveting...
Another Spirit face within this pic making two paranormal instances occuring at the same time  which can be very common in a genuine paranormal pic
Enhancement of Spirit face
Still another 3-D image that Ghostheadfinder finds very me i see the full imaged apparrition of a young woman..she is looking at the camera..she is wearing a white dress or gown type dress..she has hair down to her shoulders with the front of her body facing the light.hands down at her side..the third instance of activity in this one pic!
2nd pic
Pic taken at the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville Joe Dyess 
Ghostheadfinder actually sees two Spirits within this one pic..both individuals are male and seem to be aware of Joe as he takes this shot..
I also see this guy....
Just passin thru i guess
3rd pic.
Pic was taken at the Myrtles Plantation by Joe Dyess of Lufkin Paranormal Investigations
Orbs are always a controversial subject in the field of paranormal research...but when one as this one has the radiance and even a flash trail on the end of it you have to give it a second look i tend to think...
In the same pic Ghostheadfinder seems to see what looks to be a Spirit of a fomer slave..he is african american but has longer hair..well vest white under shirt..aware of Joe it seems...
Looking out the window..
I thought this was a strange image as well...see the face on te stick? but then i see an old man..kneeling to the right of the ghosthead on a stick..he is in a black suit with a black suit jacket..i can even see his hand..
Then several Spirits looking at the other side of the window pane...
Pic taken at the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville Louisiana by Joe Dyess of Lufkin Paranormal Investigations....
Obviously a strange light anomoly captured by Joe elongates with ectoplasmic has trails on the ends with transparency but substantive in the middle..i dont see anything else that would associate this with motion blur so i rule that out...
Maybe he was a man who passed away at the Myrtles and has never left..i am sure this very haunted plantation has had guest that have probably checked in but never have checked out..
GHOSTHEADFINDER'S FINAL CONCLUSION: The conclusion is not whether the Myrtles is haunted or not  because we all know it is. The conclusion is that these photo's taken by Joe Dyess of Lufkin Paranormal Investigations are some of the best and most recent pics of this illustriously haunted location here in Louisiana..Joe manage to capture multiple instances of paranormal activity such as Orb activity, multiple Spirit faces, and even a full length female apparition all in the same investigation of pretty good sized location.not to mention the man at the end....The pictures according to Ghostheadfinders criteria and paramaters of the people and procedures in charge lend credibilty and a seal of goodfaith that Joe Dyess of Lufkin Paranormal Investigations captured paranormal activity on this particular investigation..Good job to Joe,Chad and the team of LPI..
Pic taken by Joe Dyess of Lufkin Paranormal and shared with Ghostheadfinder
Joe has taken another fascinating pic this time at the Jefferson Museum in Jefferson, Texas. This looks to be the bed and headboard of an antique bedroom suit located near the wall in this museum. Not only is the bed old but so happens to be the brick wall this bed is up against, meaning that this "brick wall" has been there a long time. This makes for the perfect recipe for paranormal activity. Joe has pointed out the face of an apparent spirit of this old museum. He is very visible in the original pic.
The obvious facial characteristics as well as the perfect symmetry of eyes to face and face to head give me the impression that this is  truly a spirit face availing himself to Joe as he snaps his pic..Now one thing Ghostheadfinder believes is that if there is paranormal activity going on in one portion of the pic then maybe there might be other paranormal activity in another part of the picture.
Thats when Ghostheadfinder discovered this spirit faced anomoly in the same area as the spirit face that Joe identifies. The eyes and nose with a black mustache and white based face, show me that there were more then one spirit present when this pic was taken. The off colored white is highly characteristic for a spirit face. Probably the soul of a man bound here due to necesity of needing a place to exist..
Once again Ghostheadfinder believes that when paranormal activity is occuring in one spot then it could very well be occuring somewhere else in the picture like this spirit face in the same pic. If one looks closely you can actually see two different spirit faces here in this portion of the pic...
GHOSTFINDER'S FINAL CONCLUSION: This is a bonified spirit photograph and that the museum which Joe Dyess has shown proof thru his pic is haunted with more then one spirit as Ghostheadfinder points out in the other spirit discoveries that were found. Joey Dyess continues to pull paranormal activity out of each of Lufkin Paranormals investigations. This is the mark of a true paranormal investigator. Good job again Joe! 
Pic taken by Chad Billingsley of Lufkin Paranormal Investigations...this according to chad was the one pic he took that began his mission to find answers about the paranormal..
You can defintely see the woman's face with almost a smile for the camera..
This too me this  is the woman  Chad is talking about...she comes out strong and in front..
But upon further review of Chad's pic,Ghostheadfinder also finds this face of a man...
Ghostheadfinders analysis also pulls from the paranormal activity this face along with the others
But as Ghostheadfinder believes and demonstrates, the theory that when one thing paranormal is occuring then look for another occuring in the same this spirit face found by Ghostheadfinder all in the same pic..
And although these images may attributed to "peradolia", the natural matricing of one's face due to the familiarty of the human face, i still think that these may still be spirits nonetheless..All of them look like distorted spirit faces....
Now Ghostheadfinder finds this image on the very same pic very interesting..i definetly see a full blown spirit apparition here not seen by Chad..I see the head, the shirt, the shoulders and arms of male spirit here..So all of this activity was occuring in the same picture..The key is too look for it..Have an open mind. Use your mind's eye if at all possible and you will discover more activity in your pics..
GHOSTHEADFINDER'S FINAL CONCLUSION: Once again chad has demonstrated an ability to not captureSpirits on film but to be able to capture several faces in only one Ghostheadfinder what this means is that chad is good with the spirits and they like him and respond to him. That is why chad and Lufkin Paranormal is the most succesful Paranormal Research group in East Texas...
The following pics have been shared with Ghostheadfinder by a fellow paranormal investigator by the name of KAREN HEFFORD.These are some of the best spirit photographs i have ever seen..Karen is from New Zealand and  is recently overcoming the earthquake they had that has brought alot of hardship on the people of that region.Karen manage to get her internet back to normal due to the disruptions of serice in that area and sent us this remarkable photgraphs..Ghostheadfinder in the next few days will do a thorough analysis of the pics and layout all the activity going on in these pics...
Pic taken in New Zealand by Karen Hefford...
Absolutely the spirit of a man here..You can see hs over-alls and his hat..he's bearded and burley just like someone who was into thier job like this guy of the most clear and convincing proofs of a spirit here caught by Karen..
Pic taken by Karen Hefford in New Zealand...
Check him out now..his head has turned..this to me is an absolutely incredible picture..
Pic taken by Karen Hefford in New Zealand..this is the same cemetery as the two previoius pics ..Here you can see an Orb..
A closer look at the orb revals to me to be a face..Now these pics are coming from New Zealand so it's alittle harder to see increased detail's but i see a set of eyes in this cropped and zoomed pic ...
Pic taken by Karen Hefford in New Zealand..
See the spirit face here?..>>>>>>
The Orbs and the plasma ring show me that this cemtery must have some really old graves in it..
This is Karen Hefford and it's obvious to tell that this little paranormal investigator is a natural at this and judging by all the spirits around her in this pic..she might even be a potential medium,psychic or sensitive..Her pics already prove her ability to attract spirits so seeing this does not surprise me.. 
GHOSTHEADFINDER'S FINAL CONCLUSION: Is that Karen Hefford will be a very credible and exciting paranormal investigator..Her ability to  pull spirits out and photograph them as well as her enthusiasm to learn more about the field leads me to believe that she will be vry successful at this endeavor... 
Definetly another face here..inside the Orb..classic spirit pic here...
Since 2008, a group called Lufkin Paranormal Investigations has worked to document messages and apparitions “from the other side.”
“It started when me and some friends went out to Homer Cemetery, and we were just messing around,” said Chad Hughes, LPI founder. “We took a picture on a cell phone camera, and it captured what looked like the outline of a blue lady.”
That event sparked a fire for Hughes, to find and record more proof of the paranormal. Together with his brother, K.J. Welch, and four of their friends, they formed a team of investigators who visit haunted hot spots around the county. While the team has only had one opportunity to investigate a house, they hope to have more opportunities in the future.
“We go out to cemeteries about once a week,” Hughes said, adding that they do not visit cemeteries inside Lufkin city limits because of curfew laws. “And we always let the authorities know where we’re going.”
More often than not, the group experiences unexplained phenomena, such as sudden cold spots or objects moving on their own accord.
“One time we stayed the night at the Pride House in Jefferson, and at one point we went outside. Before we went out, we turned the mood light down, and when we came back inside it was turned off,” Hughes said.
The team’s favorite place to investigate inside Angelina County is Largent Cemetery, which dates back to the 1800s. According to Hughes, legend has it that a young boy who committed suicide is buried in that cemetery.
“All of the cemeteries in Angelina County are pretty active, but the most active is Largent Cemetery. Our camera messed up the last time we went there,” Hughes said.
At Narrow Way Cemetery in Diboll, the group had trouble with their equipment that, they believe, was caused by spirit interference. The team also took a picture that showed a human-shaped, misty entity.
“Our batteries just drained. They were fully charged when we left. We always make sure to charge them before we leave,” Hughes said.
During their investigations, the team holds electromagnetic voice phenomena (EVP) sessions. EVP is captured when an investigator records themselves asking a series of questions. When played back, some believe that spirits can make their answers known in the recording. Any EVP sessions taken during LPI’s investigations are analyzed and, if they seem paranormal, are uploaded onto YouTube.
“When we were at the Pride House, someone asked if Jenny was there, and we heard a voice say ‘No,’” Hughes said
In 1901, a girl named Jenny is said to have died in the house, Hughes said.
“We also caught a girl’s voice saying ‘Fire, fire, help me, help me,’” Hughes said.
Another tool used by the LPI are EMF, or electromagnetic field, detectors. It is believed that the detectors register disturbances in the magnetic field caused by spirit activity.
When asked if he and his team had ever felt as if they were in danger, Hughes said that on occasion spirits had demonstrated to the team that they did not wish to be bothered.
“I’ve been scratched and pushed before, but I’ve gotten so used to it that it doesn’t scare me anymore. A couple times we have felt like we were in danger. Once I asked the spirit if it wanted to harm us, and I got a positive response on (one of the instruments),” Hughes said.
By investigating these phenomena, Hughes said, he wants to find answers for people who have passed on and are still here.
“I want to help people get answers,” Hughes said. “And I want to prove to skeptics that there is something out there and we need to know about it. A lot of people don’t believe in the paranormal.
Most importantly, though, Hughes enjoys being able to spend time with his friends
More information, including EVP samples and photographs from the team’s investigations, is available on their website at
Pic taken at Largent Cemetery by Chad Hughes of Lufkin Paranormal
You can see what looks like ectoplasm on the right side of the's transparent and spreads out over the right side of the freshley dug grave..a great pic from Chad...
Congratulations to Chad Billingsley of Lufkin Paranormal for the feature done on him and his team. This proves that Chad has captured the market on paranormal researching in East Texas...
KAREN HEFFORD of New Zealand has once again proven she is one of the world's most foremost psychic photographers of her generation...Her newest addition to Ghostheadfinder has pleasured us with many pics from her latest Ghost adventure..the location of this investigation is a cemetery in New Zealand called Timaru Cemetery..It is obviously a very haunted and inhabited Location for spirits and ghost..The pics here were sent in by Karen Hefford and shared with Ghostheadfinder so that maybe we find the faces of this very haunted location...
This one stood out the most to me in this pic that Karen had taken at Timaru Cemetery in New Zealand..Karen manages to pull a spirit in borad daylight..a true characteristic of a psychic photographer...
This is the original pic...
Pic taken by Karen Hefford at Timaru Cemetery in New Zealand...
See the spirit face?
Look at this amazing shot taken by Karen as the light energy seems to vortex right before her very camera......
Even the ectoplasmic tail of this pic might very be just light still makes for a very strange happening in this picture from Karen...
Another fabulous pic taken by Karen Hefford again..this time capturing two spirits as they seem to go along with Karen's expedition...
You can even see him smiling for the camera
Another fascinating picture from Karen Hefford of New Zealand  who is fast becoming New Zealand's Leading paranormal researcher has captured to be what looks like to be two highly enegized balls of light...
Look at the female apparition that Karen Hefford gets her at the Timaru Cemetery..see her face?shes smling.. her bosom and dress?...quite a great catch there..Karen truly exhibits the charecteristics of a good psychic photographer...
Pic taken  by Karen Hefford in New Zealand
See the slightly smiling face there?
Pic was taken by Karen Hefford in New Zealand...this is another cropped portion of her pic which looks to me to be spirit of a man barely coming thru...
Another pic by Karen Hefford of New Zealand..this time a cropped portion of one of her pics that show the many spirit faces of this highly active cemetery...
Pic taken by Karen Hefford of New Zealand  at Timaru Cemetery....
Possibly paradolic but a face nonetheless...
Once again a special thanks to Karen Hefford here for sharing her wonderful pics with Ghostheadfinder..She has truly become a leading edged paranormal investigator with the uncanny ability to bring the Spirits of the Paranormal to life in her photo's!!.....
UPDATED: 2-13-2011
I see a parade of spirits..they are trying to make themselves seen..i see several different faces..they seem to be in motion...
See the man's face?He's looking thru a fence ...
I see a very distinguished face in the center.
Another of one  of Karen's smiling spirit faces..can easily tell this is a male....
See the man's face?very distinct brow and nose with a mouth to match .
Another great pic from Karen with a light energy that is in motion here and has a different light color then its background
Even this face is sad but distinct..this cemetery is highly active and Karen just proved it..
The night I took the pictures 2/24/2007 approx. 11:45 PM I was in the basement of our old house Daniel was approximately 2 and was talking to someone. My older son asked him who he was talking to, he walked back to the spot he was and asked “what you name” then he told my older son “him’s names John him said he needs money”.  My older son called me to the basement and told me what was going on so I grabbed the digital camera and that’s when I began taking pictures in the basement there were orbs in most of the pictures it was just in that picture that I saw a face.  This home was full of activity.  I also was attacked by something in my room in that house a large shadow filled the room until everything went pitch black and it felt like something was on me and it was very heavy I couldn’t move I couldn’t scream it felt like it was suffocating me. I finally screamed Jesus help me and as fast as the shadow covered the room it disappeared. Doors would open and close in the house you could hear people whispering but not understand what they were saying in your ear . One night I couldn’t sleep and I saw a small green ball of light come into the room circle around the bed above us (Daniel was sleeping with us because he doesn’t like to sleep alone) and the leave the room. My daughter told me that a voice kept waking her one night telling he there was a gun in the house, where she could find it and that she should shoot her father because he was not a good person. She woke me very scared and indeed we were storing my father in laws gun exactly where it told her, we didn’t tell her that we even had a gun in the house because her grandfather had just been diagnosed with cancer and was suicidal. We never believed in having a gun in the house with children. (she was 9). My older boys would tell us (when they were young) that someone was calling their names. One night I was praying and when I opened my eyes there was a strange face right above me I didn’t see a body but it wasn’t human it had the eyes of a cat not a house cat more like a panther it kind of looked like it was on the hunt. I rebuked it and it disappeared. another night I had fallen asleep downstairs and about 2 o,clock in the morning I heard a large crash turned on the light and everything that was on my mantle (which was full of Christmas decorations) was laying in a neat pile next to me.  My other son also had a television that would turn on by itself a lot.  some of the things that happened in that house seemed like ghosts and other things were demonic.   We moved here about 4 years ago my husband has been pushed from our bed about 3 times at first we thought he was somehow sliding out of bed while he was sleeping but the third time he was awake and said he felt something push him he woke me up and asked me if I did it but I truly was asleep.  My son is 6 now and even after we moved he was still talking to people that wasn’t there. A few months ago he told me that a large shadow (he calls the giant) comes to see him at night and he is very scary. He told me he’s from down there pointing down. About a month later my nephew moved in, after his father died, he slept in Daniels room and he saw the giant shadow man too and refused to sleep in the room again until it was blessed. He told me he thought it was evil and I hadn’t even told him about Daniels experience. I anointed the room with holy water and told the spirit it was not welcome and told it not to come back. So far neither boy has seen it again. He also woke me the night his grandpa died and told me grandpa came to see him and that he would watch over him and protect him and that he loves him. Could it be possible that something followed us from the other house? I’m not afraid just curious. I would really like to learn a little more about investigating the paranormal because I have also had experiences since I was a child ( I had my first experience when I was 7). My little boy is now 6 and still sees ghosts and demons but the only ghost that he says he will talk to is his Grandpa.  To this day he refuses to sleep by himself and has slept with my husband and me ever since he was a baby.  He would cry if he wasn’t with us. He is afraid of the dark without us but is fine if we are there.
I recieved a story and photographs from a young woman by the name of Vicki Turpin who in her own words said she had been attacked in  her previous home and that her children had seen and talk to the Spirit of a man who inhabited the house that she and her family had been living in.. The house was located in Taylorville,Illinois..she sent me the following account of what  happened in her old house and now what is taking place in her new told by the mother of this family....
This pic was submitted by Vicki Turpin in Illinois..It was taken down in the basement by her as her youngest son was talking to it..even the older  brother had seen what was you can also see a huge Orb is making itself seen in the pic as well..the Orb is giving energy to the boy in the picture to make himself seen for the mother..There are several spirits in this one pic..
This spirit is easily seen as is the Orb
It looks like a young boy too me
Ghostheadfinder finds two more Spirit faces within the confines of the basement ..showing me there were several spirits inhabiting this dwelling..this is from the old house before this family moved..
Even the children have had there encounters with the spirits that follow them..In  the following pictures the Mother was kind enough to share with GhostHeadFinder some pics had Orbs interacting with the children..As you can see they like the children ..They keep close to them as evident here in these pictures..The Mother has even said that the kids have talked to these spirits at times..
Look at that precious angel...and in this one pic alone there are four spirits here with the baby..
See the Orb? This is the first one...
The spirits in this house are attracted to the children as most spirits are ..
This Orb has attached themselves to the little tyke!
GhostHeadfinder's Final Analysis : It's obvious that Vicki,her husband and the children have been in the company of spirits in thier house..the fact that the Spirits have followed them to thier new dwelling shows that this family also has a psychic connection to them that dates back years ago..And since they have been around this for a while they have been able to handle in sucha way that you can't help but be proud of them. Ghostheadfinder also sees that because there were several spirits caught in just this one pic that Vicki Turpin is a  candidate for a psychic photographer..Ghostheadfinder looks forward to the ongoing investigation of this case with Vicki and her family..Please stay tuned for more on this case..
This was the image discovered in the Orb by Vicki when she examined the can clearly see a face within the Orb
Here are the other three..see them? there are even faces in them....
You can even see the enhanced face in the window....
Here is the original pic taken by Vicki Turpin of Illinois down in the basement of her old home..
This was another exerpt from Vicki Turpin and how  relates to the happenings as to what is going on in her house..
My family seems to be a beacon of activity and has been ever since I can remember a psychic once told my brother it was rooted from a family member that was the Indian tribe spiritual leader. She told him that she (My Great Great Grandmother) opened a door and she wasn't sure if it was a gift or a curse. Furthermore sometimes I see things usually in meditations or prayer that usually come true. Other times I see medifore's that I don't understand that will later reveal themselves. Most of the time water is involved like when a subtle change is going to happen I see ripples in the water like pebbles in the water, or a waterfall when its sudden or even a ragging river when its going to be hectic. I'm not saying I'm physic but I am saying its more than a coincidence.
This is an enhancement of the previous you can see the three Orb like anomolys which to me are spirits with the can even see that there are some face like qualities within the Orbs which are consistent with Ghostheadfinders theory of Orbs..
More Pics submitted by Vicki Turpin June 2011
Pic taken by Vicki Turpin at her home in Taylorville,Illinois
Look closely..stare long and will see the spirit of a woman carrying a cat..a great capture by vicki
Pic taken by Vicki Turpin of Taylorville,Illinois
He's defintely there...sunken in eyes..even his hair ia visible..maybe not a ghost per se...but defintely a spirit..which there is a difference
Once again its very obvious that Vicki Turpin has psychic photographic ability by the pics that she takes...
New Viewer Submitted Photo's shared with Ghostheadfinder this time from Chris and his family from Copperas Cover Texas..It seems that they have been having strange occurances going in there home now...We were lucky enough to have him share this with us here and provide some pics and insight on there phenomona..
"Robert, first a bit of a story. We've got a Yorkshire Terrier who will
be just laying on the floor and suddenly jerk his head up in the air and
start following something. Sometimes he'll get up and walk around but
still be looking at something up in the air. Each time this happens
we've gotten out our digital camera and snap some pictures of the room.
I've attached a few, your thoughts would be much appreciated"
Pic taken by Chris from Copperas Cove,'s obvious that the dog is defintely seeing something that we humans can't see..the reason i am coming to this conclusion..look at the other sees it too because it looks like it's scared to death..look at the white dog's body language..not normal for a house dog around with its master..
Chris says:
"The 2nd photo was taken a minute after the first, there is no orb in the
2nd one. In the 6th picture if you look closely you can count 9 orbs.
The 7th picture appears to be an orb in motion. Also on the 8th photo
there appears to be one in motion at the bottom left of the Space
Shuttle picture"
Photo taken by Chris from Copperas Cove Texas..
As we all know,Orbs are a very controversial subject..Ghostheadfinder gives them more leeway to exist becuz if you look at previous religious subject matter whether it involved Jesus,angels,phrophets and even other religious figues in religions around the world you would see a "halo" effect around there heads..It's shaped like an Orb to be honest..if you removed these figures from the pics all you would have left would the back ground and an if this Orb photographed here was dust or lens particle then i would think there would be at least ONE MORE PIECE of dust or particle tht would show up in the pic..but as you can see there isnt..leading me to believe that Chris here caught a visitor in his living room..the Orb is bright, has density and appears to be able to manuever itself around a ceiling fan and the air vent.. 
New Viewer Submission June 2011
Pic taken  by Chris From Copperas Cove, the living room can see that this Orb is not sucked into the fan nor is blown away from the air vent hasn't broken apart either like dust does..dust fragment as it goes..this Sphere has stayed the same shape thru several pics.. 
Chris has been on top of this from the get-go,,an example is how he is able to capture the same Orb thru a series of pics he is taking at the time of this visitation..the next pic is of the same Orb of this last one..
Pic taken by Chris in Copperas Cover,Texas..
Thought this was interesting in that it looks like a rod in his living's alittle blurry but stands out ...
Pic taken by Chris in Copperas Cove,Texas.
They seem to gravitate towards the camera and Chris..
Pic taken by Chris in  Coperras Cove,Texas..theres the same orb that was in the other pics Chris had taken..It seems to do its thing..
Pic taken by Chris in Copperas Cove,Texas..there it is again..that little Orb..playful.
Pic taken by Chris in Copperas Cove,Texas..see that pesky Orb? same one right?
A more close enhanced look at this Orb
Faces of spirits we cannot see in our world or just coincidental make the decision.
GHOSTHEADFINDERS FINAL ANALYSIS: is that Chris defintely has Spirits in his house..there seems to be something going on that he and his wife seem to be seems to be rather passive and not threatening to the family..Chris has been keeping a watchful eye and is also a natural at parnormal investigating so with his further reports on his residence we here at Ghostheadfinder hope to be able to get you abreast of..Thanks Chris!
This comes from a young lady who in the very least has psyhic photographic ability..She seems to be able to pick shots even on her cell phone camera and pulls some astonishing pieCes..Let me let her tell you the her own words....
Dear Robert,
     Hello my name is Rose Hosey! I am 23 and grew up around the supernatural and ive been around it my whole life. But still i am not an expert i cought a picture in the room i am at because i some how can tell when there is a spirit around and trust me it freaks me out sometimes!
 i still dont understand it sometimes i think i just think i am going crazy but i can feel the change in the energy of a room! and sometimes i smell a smell like sulfer and stronger than matches when i smelled it i got the fuck right out of there cause  i know what that can mean! please look at this picture and get back to me asap please i want to know if i am really going crazy! I have attached the picture one has the face and hand circled but the other one was not messed with and it looks like she is wereing some kind of hood unless its black hair! as you will see! thank you and god bless
Ghostheadfinder defintely sees what rose sees..there are sveral spirits here making there presceance known to Rose....
Remeber the cell phone camera isnt always reliable or clear....but this pic seems to defy those perceptions...
Then Rose told Ghostheadfinder of a Spirit she has been hearing in her house that sounds like a baby crying..her is what she said "
" ok this is crazy i have been hearing a baby cry at first i thought it was because i am with child but i felt that feeling again and took a picture on the phone in the direction of were it felt the strongest! I SHOWED THIS PICTURE TO A PERSON WHO WORKS HERE AND we both agree it looks like a baby being breastfed! but we would like your take on it! as you can tell you see a womans breast  and a babys face that looks like it is suckiling the mothers breast! please get back to us.
oh and check it"
Heres the pic she is talking about
Imagine a baby breast feeding there with mother..facing away from the camera with mothers bossum facing the babys face...remember now this a cell phone camera and the pics that are taken are usualy fast spontaneous and alittle out of focus..kind of like this...BUT I CAN HONESTLY say i see the baby and the mother..its a brillaint pic if you understand the concept of how things happen in an instant such as parnormal activity..Rose says she has been hearing a baby cry after all..
whats amazing is the next picture that Rose takes with the same cell phone camera!!!
And there it is!!! The baby or child..The one responsible for the crying..i see it plain as day..poor little boy..its obvious this lost baby boy looks to Rose as his mother..he is always around her when she is homE..He's looking at the he smiling?.
GHOSTHEADFINDER'SFINAL CONCLUSION: Rose's house is haunted alright..but i have a feeling that Rose is also part of this haunting..Not by participating willingly either..but more of the fact that she is pyshic in photographic nature and that she has picked up on the spirits in her house that also roam the grounds..Hopefully Ghostheadfin der will be getting more pics from Rose so we may share them with the world!!
I think in this case..Rose is also haunted by this spirit of a child that seems to follow her around..the next picture was captured at her mothers house near the looks to me to be the child..Here is what Rose had to say:
"This was cought at my mothers house it was watching me i could feel it if its not a demon what do you think it is cause its floating above the dresser in my mothers bedroom"
.KAREN HEFFORD of New Zealand again has taken some amazing photo's again in a cemetery located in New Zealand..Her psychic photographic ability has come in very handy again..She is a leading foremost paranormal investigator in New Zealand has once again supplied Ghostheadfinder with some pics that will blow your mind.....Here are those pics...
Pic taken by Karen Hefford of New Zealand..
Pic taken by Karen Hefford in New Zealand ..this one is has several spirits making themselves seen..
Here are the closeup of those Spirits
This face is easily seen as it is off colored from its background which is a classic sympton of a spirit wandering the cemetery
I see a womans face..
And the last spirit face i see in that one pic...
Pic taken by Karen Hefford of New Zealand
These are the spirit faces i see in that previous pic..this cemetery was very active apparently
Pic was taken by Karen Hefford of New Zealand..
Pic taken by Karen Hefford of New Zealand
Pic taken by Karen Hefford of New Zealand
Pic taken by Karen Hefford in New Zealand...
highley energized Orb
And once again a special thanks to Karen of New Zealands premier paranormal investigator
Another pic sent to Ghostheadfinder by Vickie seems that the house she lives in is very active..the pic is once again taken near the attic of the house..the same attic in which a demon looking spirit had been photographed by Vickie..This time this spirit that Vickie captured is very plain to see..It looks as if it is sad..the eyes,the nose and even the sad mouth stand out very well in this pic.
See the sad face?
Another pic sent to Ghostheadfinder from Vickie Turpin of Illinois..this time its from a glass furniture piece..but as Vickie has outlined in her pic the many spirit faces that reside in her home..
It doesnt seem to be a reflection of anything because it would have to be right in front of it to reflect like' defintely weird...
Heres is a cropped close up of what looks to be a face in the opnion on Orbs with faces is that they are paranormal in nature..
Another face on the corner of the shelf..little harder to see but it is seen by Ghostheadfinder..dark sunken in and also lips..not visual by everyone of course..
I recieved an interesting email one day from a woman who lives in Deer Park,Texas..Annette Durbin had seen my site and wanted to show me some pics that she had taken in last few weeks at her home.As i talked to her further and saw the pics that she had taken i began to see that this woman had a special gift. Being a psychic photographer means being able to have your Mind's eye process your pics for you.In otherwords the Mind's eye projects thru you camera what it sees and there for it comes out on pics.And i think this Annette Durbin has this ability.Everyone has it but more some then others.Upon further interviewing of Annette i also found out that her son,Bryan also has this ability to see and sense Spirits that are in his vicinty..
"Son's home from school.
Told him about the pics I was excited about and showed him.
The man in uniform. He sees them walking around the neighborhood.
Believes they are soldiers from the battle of san jacinto.
The one with two colorful orbs. He said the blue one has a face.
And he pointed out a face next to it, I didn't see.
He said they are brother and sister. Two of the 3 kid spirits he sees.
Brother, he said is the face next to the orb"
Here is an excerpt of what his mother said
That fact this family had just moved from a house that they suspected was highly haunted, i am thinking that these Spirits followed Annette and her family from there previous residence...
Another excerpt from Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas about this particular Phenomona.
"Had to pick son up from school. We talked the whole way home about spirits after I mentioned the pic's I wanted to show him.
He said he does not like to talk about 'them' around home. I think he's scared, because of that evil black shadow.
I told him I thought one pic may be a child. He said there are 3 children spirits around here.
After viewing the pics. He said he thought it was a man kneeling. He got into the position, and I could totally see what he meant.
The one weird one with the chair and outline. He said "HE"= the spirit was coming after me because he didn't want me taking pictures of him.
He said he was sure it was male and angry at me.
Though he's rarely talked to me about spirits, I'm finding that he's a lot like I was when younger.
I'm finding that he sees a hell of a lot of spirits. And hears a lot as well. I'm glad he's finally starting
to open up to me about it. I told him I want to know. If he sees or hears something I want to know
Maybe he'll start telling me.
I mentioned that I was thinking of trying to open myself back up to it. He said: NO YOU DON'T!
When I asked why not, I still see and hear things, but still have that blinder up.
He said that I would see TOO MUCH. Odd. But, he was concerned too much."
 The following pics you are about too see were taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas..i truly believe that these Spirits like this family and so they gravitate towards them just like anyone else would if they were dead and hoping someone either felt you or saw you,like this family seems to do....
APic taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas...the area in which all the activity seems to take place.Rememeber this land once housed soldiiers from the Texas Army to the Mexican Army
Seems like a normal backyard right?
But then things start to happen
Orbs are alway a controversial subject when it comes to spirit photographs..but Ghostheadfinder's theory is to believe that Orbs are the vehicles that spirits move around in.The Religous figures of history have had halos behind there heads since the beginning of time.Take those people out of the pic and all you have left is an Orb
Pic was taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas..
Pic was taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas..
It's obvious that Annette has a special gift in bringing spirits out no matter from where they came from..
Pic taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas
Pic taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas..
Annette seems to be a magnet for Spirits right?
Pic taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas..
This is a spirit orb..if it were dust there would be more of them with out near the density
Close up of previous Orb looks like an old man..looking right back at Annette
There everywhere..where do they come from?Is there a Vortex at Annette's house that allows them to come in and out..
One of the Spirits at Annettes house..i see an old man with grey facial hair...
Pic taken by Annete Durbin of Deer Park,Texas
Pic taken by Annete Durbin of Deer Park,Texas
Definite density to it..even see indentions to facial comparisons
BUT THEN ANNETTE GOT ONE OF THE BEST GHOST PHOTO CAPTURES GHOSTHEADFINDER HAS EVER SEEN:..the next pic shows Annette's psychic photography ability..
That last pic deserves a close up
Pic taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas.
Defintely the spirit of a man
THEN ONE OF MY FAVORITE ONES:taken by Annete Durbin of Deer Park,Texas..
See the ectoplasm?
Pic taken by Annete Durbin of Deer Park,Texas.
i see a sad old another pic before..
Pic taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas
Is that dust?i dont think's as big as the plant in the foreground
Pic taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas...when i see a pic like this i dont immediately think dust..i think more along the lines of like this have a i do a close up on one orb that looks familiar..Maybe i can find someone or something that looks like they were in another helps with validation..
He is the old man..he deserves a close up too
heres the close up
It's the old man again..he follows Annette
Was this area a battleground for the San Jacinto battle?Was it a place of refuge?Did people die here to make a vortex that allows spirits to run amuck here.Cuz there is certainly alot of them...
Pic taken by Anette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas.
BUT THEN ANNETTE CAPTURED WHAT I THINK I ONE OF THE BEST CUASES OF PROOF OF THE AFTERLIFE..The pic is located again the backyard..see if you see it..
Do you see them?
They deserve a close up!
See them standing there in what looks to me to be robes.
One more enhanced closeup
As how Ghostheadfinder sees it..
Pic taken by Annette Durbin in Deer Park,Texas..
Pic taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas.
Pic taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas
GHOSTHEADFINDER'S FINAL CONCLUSION: The conclusion that Ghostheadfinder must come to is that Annette is very psychic in nature.Her pics have paranormal activity all over them and her sons.Bryan and Johnny are also very intuned to the spirit world,as is Johnny's Girlfriend Kristal..So she is going to be able to get results on her endeavors.This to Ghostheadfinder is the mark of a good parnormal investigator.I am sure her backyard is some sort of conduit as well for the easily availible activity she was capturing.We look forward to more of her and her family's story at you Annette Durbin!
See the mist?..I verified with Annette that no one was smoking..Ectoplasm maybe?..but defintely visible and shouldnt be there...
Still more pictures from our friend in Annette Durbin of Deer Park, Texas
Pic taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park
i defintely see a face inside this orb
Pic taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas
See the white mist in the grass?
Pic taken by AnnetteDurbin of Deer Park,Texas
See this strange anomoly?Annette sure did
Pic taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas
Pic taken  by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas.
Pic taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas
See the mist over the top of Kristal?no one was smoking
Annette Durbin taking another pic with her son Johnny who has had experiences with the supernatural all his life.
Pic taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park
Her son with his Girlfriend.
See the Spirit orb?Her son Johnny seem to attract them all night
Pic taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park Texas...
Look at him!
Pic taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas
Annette taking another pic with her son Johnny again..
Pic taken again by Annette Durbin of her son Johnny in Deer Park,Texas..the spirits were out again this night
Pic taken by Annette again in Deer Park Texas in her backyard
Johnny seem to be a magnet for them
Pic taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas..
Pic taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas..
Pic taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas...
Pic taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas..
Look at the energy of  this Orb.Pink?.
Pic taken again by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas
Johnny again..with a spirit orb next to him
Pic taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas
See him?
Pic taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas..
Pic taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas
i see him.
See this other face?
Pic taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park, of my favorites..see the spirit looking around the corner?
See him?x
Classic example of a spirit higher up then anything else and seems to be peeking around..
See the old man's face?
Pic taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas
Pic taken by Annette Durbin of Deer Park,Texas
This particular orb seems to be dominant of the rest of them..have seen him in several of the pics..
I can defintely see the Off colored face eminating from the tree area..
"I posted the names of my sons and 1 sons g/f on these photos.
Bryan my youngen (17) can sense and see spirits. He hears them, but refuses to converse with them.
He's kind on in denial, I guess you could say. He's larger than my older son 6'3 to 5'10 older son.
My oldest son: Johnny (will be 22 on 9/13) Sees, senses and will / does communicate with spirits.
He also sees Auras. He's very... powerful.
His g/f Kristal (I just met that weekend) Senses spirits and can feel their "demeanor"
Annette had also posted another excerpt from their family's experiences and was kind enough to share them with GHOSTHEADFINDER accompanied by photos of this phenomona.
My New Zealand Ghosthunter KAREN HOFFORD has once again shared some amazing photo's with  Ghostheadfinder and some of the best photo's ever that Karen has taken before.Here is an excerpt of this investigation from Karen..
 .Hey me buddy..thanks so much..hope they are clear enough to see.  Put new batteries in camera  but some of them came out really odd looking..never happened like that before.  The pics from no 2 to 4 are the ones when i asked the spirits to show themselves so i could prove life exists when we pass over..well started to hear leaves moving..i swear was the only one breeze or anything.  But in each pic i feel there is something trying to come thru in my pics..just hope they in right order lol.  If ya like what you see let me know bub and i send u some more fascinating orb pics..and hopefully i will capture more spirit tonight.
Pic taken by Karen Hofford of New Zealand
Do you see the faces starting to form?
Pic taken by Karen Hofford in New Zealand
See the vortexs?Probably a door for the spirits in this cemetery.
Pic taken by Karne Hofford of New Zealand.
See the spirit making its presceance availible for Karen?
Two spirits here
Both look like men
Pic taken by Karen Hofford in New Zealand
Karen Hofford is good at what she does she always has great results and it's obvious to Ghostheadfinder that Karen is a natural at this skill. We are very lucky that she shares her findings with us and the world!Good job Karen!
Pic taken by Karen Hofford in New Zealand..
Samantha of Pasadena,Texas is a young woman who has had experiences with the Supernatural before in her life.She has been around it even thru her family's tree. Samantha was kind enough to share some pics she had taken not to long ago.With the pics she also submitted a little history behind the experiences of her life.Ghostheadfinder is lucky to have recieved this excerpt and pic montague and gladly shares them with the world.
Here is an excerpt by Samantha  and a view into her and her family's life:
Hi! I will use the picture numbers to describe what I see but first here is a bit of history behind my parents land... You can just list my name as Samantha from Pasadena. My grandparent have lived in Peñitas, Texas, adjacent to the border for 31 years. It has been told to my aunt, their daughter that the land there has had a spell put on it by my deceased uncle's wife. She openly practices black magic. She has told my parents and grandparent things that have been probed to have come true. She never did like my grandparents because they would always be "too nosy" and interfered with her and my uncle's relationship. Long story short, my aunt found this out because she went to a psychic that practices, which has no idea who my uncle's wife is. The psychic was telling my information that she would not be able to know. She said that the only reason that my grandparents are alive to this day is because my aunt is so dedicated to helping them so she is their protection if you will (this aunt I speak of is the one who has a sixth sense- including the ability to smell death). She gave my aunt a tri-colored candle for cleansing and said that she shall burn it continuously until it finishes and that they would begin to experience things that they have never seen or experienced before. This did happen. One of the things I recall she told me was that a dead mountain lion appeared. This is unheard of in their land. There was also a huge white bird that flew over my aunt's head, something very foreign that was unexplainable she said. There was a third thing I do not recall. Mind you, these happened right after the candle finished.
 I recall that I when I was five or six years old, I was at my uncle's house and she was reading my dad his Tarot and doing a card reading. She also gave him a green little baggie, not sure what it's called. Being a child and not having a clue what all this was, I do recall being frightened of this lady as if she were a bad person. Not sure if you believe that children are more perceptive and sensitive when it comes to stuff like this, but with her I got this feeling. These images were taken August 21, 2011 in my grandparents back yard. The fire ones were taken because my grandparents have always had to burn their trash, as there is no Waste Management in that area. I told my aunt I wanted to take pictures of the fire to see if we could see anything. I kid you not that I head a woman's voice over my shoulder at that time, kind of like a mumble, but not clear
Here is a brief description of what I see in the pics...
2709-There is a distinguished spot on the metal line. This is in my grandparents back yard. I took multiple other shots of this and was unable to have it show up again. There were no lights on in the area.
2716- This is a close up of 2709.
2786-Not sure what this is, but I feel something is there.
2753-A face, eyes and face included
2748- Looks like an evil ghost. I see the bottom part, two arms a face eyes and demonic ears of some sort.
2789- Upclose of 2748
2751-Face in the middle of the pic. Face and eyes, nose.
Let me know what you think... I may be over my head with this, but especially with what I went through with those dowsing/ divining rods, there sure is paranomal activity in this world and although I did not have the pleasure of meeting my great-grandfather I am sure he made himself present because he knows how much I have helped my great grandmother (also deceased) and my grandparents
Here is what Ghostheadfinder found in her pics
Pic taken by Samantha of Pasadena Texas..
This spirit knows how to make its face seen..see eyes?little mouth smile?
Pic taken by Samantha of Pasadena Texas..
Here is where i see the faces of spirits coming from the smoke portion of the that previous pic..
A more detailed view of the faces..
Pic taken by Samantha of Pasadena,Texas.
Here is what Ghostheadfinder sees in this pic as a breakdown for better detail..several spirits here.
Pic taken by Samantha in Pasadena,Texas
See the creepy face?
Pic taken by Samantha of Pasadena,Texas
A rather large spirit orb
Pic taken by Samantha in Pasadena,Texas
In the previous pic i see the one distinct face of a spirit..and possibly a spirit orb to the is a closeup
GHOSTHEADFINDER'S FINAL CONCLUSION: Samantha of Pasadena has the ability to capture Spirits on camera and has had this ability since she was a young girl. Being in Mexico where there have been 100's of thousands of people murdered doesnt surprise me that she would capture these spirits among her photo's.I recommend to Samantha to go and take pics at other places to see if she can capture spirits in any other spots.Thanks Samantha for sharing some really awesome pics!!
My friend Samantha in Pasadena Texas has passed Ghostheadfinder along another pic this one taken by one of her friends..It has to be one of the most amazing pictures i have ever seen taken..Here is how Samantha had presented it to Ghostheadfinder for our website..

" Hi Bobby, here is the pic of the soldier ghost. I asked my friend about it and she says it was actually a friend of her cousin that took the picture. The guy in the pic is actually her cousin and the picture was taken in Rio Grande, Texas and it is taken at a school that was a soldiers camp site in 1848! Feel free to post anywhere"
Do you see the soldier?
standing at attention
Thank you to Samantha from Pasadena and her friend for sharing sucha wonderful pic and something that the  whole  world needs to see!Absolutlely amazing!!
Pic taken by George Wolf from LaPorte ,Texas
Robert, here is some pictures from Cedarhurst Cemetery, La Porte,Texas.
George E. Wolf Jr
George Wolf is what i call a Historian who is intuned with the Spirit world. He has been one of the sole caretakers of the Cedarhurst Cemetery.He has done in depth renovations and has tried to bring attention to the delapidated condition of this once historic cemetery.He has seen the ruins of this cemetery.George has always kept in contact with Ghostheadfinder on the issues of how to bring awareness to this.We are greatful for his work and constant attention to this matter and therefore we appreciate him on this, and so do the current residents of the Old Cedarhurst Cemetery..
This is the headstone of Maude..the spirit that
Ghostheadfinder captures on video that can be seen on You Tube...see the ectoplasm in the picture permeates the air of a very haunted plot here at Cedarhurst Cemetery..
Pic taken by George Wolf of LaPorte,TEXAS
Pic taken by George Wolf of LaPorte,Texas
 These pictures only confirm to Ghostheadfinder that the Cedarhurst Cemetery is a very very haunted place and to have pics sent in from other viewers on the same location is really the coolest thing to have happen..Thank you George Wolf!
Pic taken by Karen Wofford of  New Zealand
Another fascinating pic shared with by Karen Wofford out of New Zealand..this time it is a single pic but the pic itself is amazing!.
See the spirit in this pic?White face with sunken in eyes, nose,can even see a mouth..i also see hair and hairline.the fact that the pic is taken in less then a second when snapped shows how fast spirits avail themselves in to us.
It just goes to show that spirits even hang around animals too..Spirits like things just as much as they did when they were alive and walking on this earth..Thank you Karen Hofford!!
Another synister looking spirit using smoke as its ectoplasm..Spirts can interact in that fashion where as Ghost are more less residually existing..
The only inscription of this stone is Maude..but in the register of records Maude was a 22 year old woman..that died with no other information..which is usually what happened back then..
GHOSTHEADFINDER has an extensive study done on this very site and carrys videos about this location on  the You Tube  Channel:GHOSTHEADFINDER
Ghostheadfinder has privy to another amazing set of Photographs sent to us by someone who was investigating the Blue Light Cemetery in Houston,Texas. Joe Michelson of Houston. Joe seems to have the same ability many of "the others" have had therefore is able to Photograph spirts with a digital camera. He is an excerpt of what Joe had sent to us in regards to his pictures of the Blue Light Cemetery.
"Ilive right down the road from Tetter and my brother and me decide to take a few night time pics. I was just checking out the website and saw the pic that had the caption "Probably a bug or leaf..." and was taken back. Check out what I caught with the camera. I don't think it's a bug or leaf. The second pic is the same tree ten seconds later, two steps to the left to see if there was a branch behind the others. There is another picture of a cluster of orbs. It was our first time out there and it was unreal"
Here are those pics of the Bue Light Cemetery in Houston, of the most actively haunted cemeteries in thestate.
Pic taken by Joe Michelson of Houston,Texas at the Blue Light Cemetery in Houston.
Ghostheadfinder has found what looks to me to be a spirit watching joe and his brother take pcs.Here is a cropped portion of what i am talking about.
I see a two faces  and maybe more which is a charaterisic of spirit photo's
This is a more enhanced view of the pic.
This pic was taken by Joe Michelson of Houston,Texas at the Blue Light Cemetery in Houston.
This is a close up one of the previous pic of a spirit face emersed into that Orb Mass.Some say orbs are nothing but dust but here at Ghostheadfinder we feel orbs are to compelling to dismiss as dust without objectional theory.
Pic taken by Joe Michelson  in Houston,Texas at the Blue Light Cemetery in Houston.
Heres a more enhanced version of Joe's pic.Ghostheadfinder sees several anomolous things.
To me this looks like spirit activity again, which this cemetery is famous for.
This is alittle harder to see.But here it is.
Then Joe came up with one of my most favorite viewer submissions ever! The reason why ghostheadfinder likes it so much is because it involves of my previous investigative pictures of this very location.Here it is!
The one on the left is one i took on my visit to blue light me it looked like a bug or spider but i have talked to some experts and they say the pic might have been of a particular spirit that roams the underworld and keeps track of spirit activies
The one of the right was taken by Joe and it looks eerily similar to the object that i captured in the earlier pic.Either way it is amazing that Joe was able to come up with the anomoly
 GHOSTHEADFINDER'S FINAL CONCLUSION: Joe Michelson is truly an incredible ghost hunter based just on the fact that he and his brother had gone to this cemetery late at night to look for answers.Its a very creepy cemetery at anytime of the day but especially at night and it takes alot of guts to go out there.Joe shows respect for the place and has helped carry on the memory of the spirits here at the Blue Light Cemetery.Thanks to Joe Michelson and his brothers for the really cool pics and the special shout out to Ghostheadfinder
**IMPORTANT UPDATE: A young lady sent me an email  to me stating that her grandparents have seen this girl in the same apartment..This was recieved back in December of 2011
Vickie Turpin is paranormal investigator in Taylorville,Ilinois. If Ghostheadfinder had a chapter in that part of the country, this woman would be in charge of the chapter for sure!She has once again sent us some pics with some pretty cool evidence on them.Here are some of her latest  pics.. 
Pic taken by Vickie Turpin of Taylorville,Illinois..a really cool pic here..
Is this a preacher on the premises?
Maybe a play on shadow but i see human qualities on this figure that too looks like a priest.
Pics taken by Vickie Turpin in Taylorville,Ilinois
See that mist? or moves thru these pics.
Vickie Turpin captures orb activity here.
Here's another pic  from Vickie Turpin...looks like a spirit face
Pic taken by Vickie Turpin
Vickie Turpin again getting some spirit activity as you can see with her pic here of this creepy looking cemetery.
looks like a man's head.
Pic taken by Vickie Turpin of Taylorville,Illinois.
Pic taken by Vickie Turbin
Pic taken by Vickie Turpin of Taylorville,Illinois..
Pic taken again by Vickie Turpin..spirit orb at the top of the stairs.
Pic taken by Vickie Turpin of Taylorville,Illinois
It's obvious this stairway is haunted..
Pic taken by Vickie Turpin around this active stairwell..
Pic taken by Vickie Turpin of Taylorville,Illinois.
We look forward to more pics from Vickie Turpin!
The following pics were sent in by a couple who investigate together and with other investigators on a regular basis. Marisela and Larry are two of Pasadena's finest when it comes to paranormal investigators. Here is a excerpt from an email that she sent me accompanying these pics. 
Hello again, Sending you some pictures. The Galveston ghost was taken on June 18,2011 we went back a few days later after we discovered the ghost and we found the head stone  where he was sitting. the night we took the picture was his death date. The picture of San Antonio was taken summer 2011 you can see a woman silhouette in the green mist and several orbs. The other San Antonio picture was taken the same night if you zoom in the lady dining in a pink shirt you can see two girls profile one looks like a infant under her chair, and if you zoom in on the left next to the stairs you will see a wicked face looking over the plants..
Ghostheadfinder is extremely excited to be able to post these winderful pics to our website.
This pic was taken by Marisela Payne...see that spiirt on the tombstone?The old man spirit.Thats what i see. This is a great pic!
Here is a more enhanced look at this amazing pic. It is very obvious it is a spirit. He looks like a judge to me with his jacket.
This pic was taken by Marisela Payne, a pic in whic there seems to be a figure in one of the windows..can you tell which one?
Here's a close up of the window ..
Here is an enhanced view to the orbs in the previous pic. I see people's faces in each one of them.
Remember this pic taken by Marisela Payne ? Ghostheadfinder found something alittle unsual in the same pic..
It's obvious that Marisela and her partner Larry make quite a team. i believe Marisela might also have a strong psychic connection to her investigations.Thank you for sharing your amazing pics with ghostheadfinder !! 
it's off colored then the rest of the foilage.Probably nothing, but stands out .
Our busy paranormal investigator, Vickie Turpin  in Taylorville, Illinois has once again come across some very serious paranormal activity and managed to capture it on film. Check out this next pic. It's really an amazing pic.
Pic taken by Vickie Turpin of Taylorville,Illinois
Here are a few of the faces i found in examining this pic.I believe Vickie is a psychic photographer and that her pics are a result of her mind's eye to transpose what it sees on to her  pics...Like these images your about to see.
Most obvious spirit face i think here...
Still in the same pic look at these spirit faces..hard to deny they aren't there..
Even these two guys..
Vickie Turpin of Taylorville,Illinois has defintely found her calling. We look forward to more pics in the future from this aspiring paranormal investigator..
Pic taken by Vickie Turpin of Taylorville, Illinois.
Marisela here feels a cold spot which is usually spiritual manifestation..notice the orbs in that direction where she is feeling them.
See Larry? he had a visitor that night according to Marisela. It's right there on his head.It's actually inside his head to be precise...
This pic gives me chills!
Hi Robert,
These aren't the pics I was talking about, but these are fairly interesting. In October I went to Maine in search of abandoned houses. I found this great house on route one near Camden and decided to take a few photos. I am sending the originals along with a copy where I marked what I could see. Photo 2766 doesn't show ta child or a woman. but you can see a man in the window downstairs (you can see better on 2767) where you will see a child peeking out the window and a woman on the second floor gazing out the window. What's amazing is 2768 shows the full face of the boy, but no woman in the upstairs window just eyes. The man in the window on the first floor has his lips in a way that looks like he's blowing.
Ghostheadfinder is happy to announce the next set of pics were sent in by renound international author VALERIE BOWEN, AUTHOR  OF THE SUCCESSFUL SERIES "FOR THE SAKE OF AMELIA" The photo's that she has sent were some that she had taken a well as her son and that since we were dear friends that the pics might be some interest to me. Well she was right! We are so happy to have them in our possesions.
Being that Valerie is an accreditied author with a successful book series on her resume, we here at Ghostheadfinder were excited to receive some her talented writing as she saw it thru her eyes.Her is the passage she shared with us....
Here is the set up she is talking about..obviously an old farm house..with nice lodge or home attached to it.Probably saw it's share of birth and death.
This pic was sent in by Valerie Bowen, renound author of the successful series "For The Sake of Amelia"
And this is what she saw in them.
Hear is Valerie's quote" .Photo 2766 doesn't show ta child or a woman. but you can see a man in the window downstairs (you can see better on 2767) where you will see a child peeking out the window and a woman on the second floor gazing out the window. What's amazing is 2768 shows the full face of the boy, but no woman in the upstairs window just eyes. The man in the window on the first floor has his lips in a way that looks like he's blowing
Ghostheadfinder found this in the farm house pic. Looks to be a face in the left hand corner of the window pane.
Here is a really cool pic that Valerie's son took..It is of the laboratory at Yale University. Site of a senseless and despicably crime perpetrated on an aspiring pillar of the society by the name of Annie Le.
This is the very window of the room in which this student was murdered and stuffed in a crawlspace.
do you see her looking out the window? >>>>
Is this her in the window?.
Picture submitted by Valerie Bowen, distiguished author and rising star,sends us this picture and the story behind it 
HI again, here are some pics from Yale University. You can clearly see the similarity in the photo of the woman killed with the image in the indow. Don't pay attention to the dates of the pics my son never adjusted the date before he took the photos.

If you've never been to New Haven, Yale has some remarkable architecture.
Have a great day!
Valerie Bowen
Author of the For the Sake of Amelia series
GHOSTHEADFINDER is very happy to have Valerie Bowen as apart of the ghostheadfinder family and we forward to more pics from her. And buy her books from the series of "For The Sake of Amelia"
Can you see the little boy sitting with his back to the TV? This is an amazing photo if it is authentic..
Ghostheadfinder's newest submission comes from Ben A. from New York. He was kind enough to share these family and friend photo's he came across one day..
This is a detailed account sent by Ben to Ghostheadfinder and here is an actual verbatum:
Can't give much info since picture was recently taken by a friend of my brother-in-law's but I was told that the father was just taking a shot of his son showing off his new t-shirt. He did not notice the apparition of a child while taking the picture only after when looking at it... only the tv under the window is actually there, the line coming from the kid's underarm across the neck of the apparition is only observed in the picture.
In addion, no paranormal activity has been noticed in the home. Feel free to post on your site but please blur out the boy's face since I would prefer he not be noticable on a public website.
Thank you
Here's another picture sent in by Ben A. again..this time it looks to be some sort of hands and i would say female's hands at whethere this is done by the someone at the house earlier no one will really know..but listen to this ver batum account from Ben:I wouldn't mind if you post it, you can use Ben A. (NY) as my name to attach to photo...
Here is another picture a close family friend took of hands that appeared on her micro fiber couch cusion one evening around last Xmas while watching TV with her 5 year onld son.
She stated that she got up to get a drink and when she got back to the couch she noticed the hands... they are so detailed that everyone I asked about it thinks they were "photoshopped" but I am very close to the person that took the picture that I can attest to the fact she did not manipulate it in any way.  After snapping the photo and showing the cusion to her husband when he got home, she was able to just wipe away the imprints easily... No paranormal activity has been noticed at her home either. Have you ever heard of anything similar?
thanks again for any input...
see the hands?
Ghostheadfinder wants to thank Ben for his sharing of some really fascinating photo's! The boy photo is stunning. i truly believe that if this photo is on the level, you have in your possesion, a piece of paranormal gold....