Ghostheadfinder's Latest Investigations
This is an investigation done of an old vacant lot located in Downtown Deer Park,Texas..The lot itself stands off by itself and is about an acre and half in size. ..Rumor has it that it's haunted ...The reason Ghostheadfinder found out about this particular place was thru a friend by the name of Karen who has lived in Deer,Park for quite sometime said that back in the 70's,there was an article in the Deer Park newspaper that called this piece of land "The Haunted Lot"..That at one time a house stood on this lot and was inhabited by a family where allegedly a father was very abusive and sometimes violent..According to the story he was found dead in the house one day..Then there was also the accompanying tragedy of the house.It had burned down to the ground with a young girl inside who perished in the flames..Here is a few exerpts of an interview i did with  the family that lives next to this Vacant Lot. 
 The Father said "Yes alot things go on actually..They happen mostly on the weekends..You can actually see things going on in the lot at night if you stop and watch sometimes,Sometimes my 2 daughters see the little girl over there " He goes on to say that "They have even seen a man  there..dark in nature but seemingly solid"
I interviewed the two twin daughters and they both said "Oh ya, we see her alot..she sometimes comes over to our room at our house. We will sing to her sometimes  too."
So having heard this testimony from a very normal and happy family i asked and recieved permission to do an investigation on the Lot...Ghostheadfinder is very grateful for being allowed permission to investigate. Here are the pictures from the first round of investigation of this location..
You cant tell me you dont see him
Pic taken in Deer Park,Texas
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Pic taken in Deer Park,Texas
This is the "HauntedLot"..a vacant lot which has a very errie feeling about it.
Spirit Orb or dust particle?
See the splotch to the right here?everytime i have seen this substance i always come across a multitude of spirits and activity..little did i know what i was instore you will see
Once they got used to me..they started to come out
The Lot where a young girl died..
Spirit face
Pic taken in Deer Park,Texas..the exact location is being withheld to protect the family and there privacy..
Pic taken in Deer Park,Texas
Ghostheadfinder sees a man's face..looking directly at the camera
Pic taken at the old you see a man's face?
Maybe another Spirit face?or just some more dust
Creepy looking face looking like he's smiling with fire coming out of its skull..
Another spirit looking on
Thought this was a strange image
I kinda see a profile of a man
Maybe a lightning bug?i dunno..i didnt see any others that night nor did i capture anymore.
Do you see the old woman? with grey hair
More activity
Sometimes Orbs can have more then one face  in them
Alittle harder to see but looks like a man's face
Harder to see again but this is what i see
Can defintely see the spirit face of man here
Looks like an Old or woman but with grey hair
Possibly more distorted spirits trying to make themselves seen..
More strange images
Several spirts in this picture
Harder to see..but this trains your eyes and your mind to see them
The portal on this piece of land has allowed alot of roaming Spirits to duck in and make themselves seen..see these guys?the two look like best friends
although scary looking..just a harmless spirit passing thru
The lot was full of spirits trying to make contact..the horror that happened on this lot had created such a major vortex that probably spirits from all over use this workhole
Strange figure
See the old man?
This spirit didnt want me out there...looks like he's yelling
If you can see these your getting good at it then
3 dimensional off colored old man with big white meanacing eyes
GHOSTHEADFINDER'S FINAL CONCLUSION: The Haunted Lot in Deer Park,Texas is everybit of it's reputation when it comes to being haunted..The fact that there were so many spirit faces in Ghostheadfinder's eyes leads me to believe that there is a sizable portal somewhere on the lot..It could be located somewhere within the house that used to sit on this land..Two people died on this property at some point and maybe even more..It remains to be seen.The family that leaves next to this lot has assured Ghostheadfinder that we can go and investigate the lot frequently in order to try obtain results and answers..Ghostheadfinder also believes that the spirts here are just passer by's and pose no threat of any danger..If the family choses to reveal itself at a later date then Ghostheadfinder will conduct more interviews with them at that time..
Here is a close-up of the previous spirit faces..
Long grey hair.
UPDATED September-09-2012