The latest investigation that Ghostheadfinder is working on takes place in Rosenberg, of HWY 59 in a Motel called the Regency Inn..It's an on going investigation because of the newness of the case itself..It's a tragic story that occured aT a fairly quiet motel which has been there for quite sometime.. 
What makes this story so tragic is that involved a triple homocide,a well known coach and an estranged couple actually known by some of the staff at the motel.. 
According to police reports & eye witness testimony three gunshots were heard around 4:30 in the afternoon..When it was all over three people lay dead in there tracks..Two people in room # 119 and one person just outside the door around the side..Apparently a jealous exhusband murdered his ex wife and her colleague..The woman was a frequent visitor to the motel and was known to the staff as a pleasent woman with no problems to ever accompany her and her stays..The colleague she was with in this room was a well known coach in a school district in Katy,Texas..a suburb of Houston..The killer was the lady's ex husband..He shot both of them dead then went outside and killed himself along the sidewalk in front of the room..As witnesses came running to the room they could see a man hanging out the window as if trying to escape the shooting with"his brains blown out"..the woman was halfway in and halfway out of the room itself with a gunshot wound to the chest..she was dead too..After the ex husband killed both people he shot himself in the head just outside the door and was dead at the scene..
This is an investigation by Ghostheadfinder to see if this tragedy might have left an indelible mark on the scene itself ...or if maybe the act itself created any unrest or leftover spirits that are grounded here because of such a horrible is the first set pictures taken inside this motel room since the triple homocide..
Pic was taken in Rosenberg Texas of a triple homocide..
Pic taken in Rosenberg, front of the room where this hienous act was committed..
So as the night got further did the activity..i began to take pics and tweet about what was occuring in the room during the investigation.....
First spirit Orb looking at the EMF meter on the bed..
something flys onto the bed
heres a close up of it
The Orb moves around the room..
Another closeup of the orb..
Pic taken at the Regency Inn in rosenberg, 119...see the giant Orb?..then there are two spirit faces looking in thru the window..the same window that the coach died on..
Can you see the white orb?
they both look mad..or evil..see them?
This was the very window in which the coach's life was taken..
They started top come out once they knew why i was there..
But then i started to feel a dark energy join me for the you can see it became more previlent thruout the night.see it in this corner?
Another spirit Orb this time in the mirror again..
More Orbs...dust or spirits? one really knows..
Here comes that dark energy i could feel around seemed to move and out of the pic at times..i could feel him because my tooth started to it is in two pictures in succession..
It starts to come into the pic from the top right corner on this pic..then check out the next pic below...
See it envelop the right side now?
this one particular orb stayed with me the whole night..
If this were dust wouldn't there be more then one particle on the shot?
When i took this pic there was actually a electrical  disturbance in the camera malfunctioned too..look at how the pic came out..
Heres that same the dark energy in the right corner again..
Then this happened...and my tooth really began to hurt...bad..
There he is again...
Are they looking in?
Kept getting alot of was as if there wasnt something there that didnt want me there..
And then finally the waiting game paid off..i think i got a pic of the culprit responsible for the disturbances..and maybe the killer too..
do you see him?
There's that Orb again..just kind of hanging around..
The dark energy creeps into the side of the pic but also an Orb too..
See the creepy face?
See the face with the eyes closed?
This dark presceance still with tooth was killing me on the right side of my mouth..maybe connected..
The dark energy had me engulfed at this point..i never felt threatened..but my camera sure's to the left of the camera now..almost a wall of darkness...
See how it is coming down the side of the TV bureau...its an energy that seem to like making it's presceance known...
See the spirit face looking's white with what looks like a nose..
Dark energy wouldn't leave me alone...
GHOSTHEADFINDER'S FINAL CONCLUSION: I have to say after investigating this rioom, the site of a triple homocide..that the Regency Inn because of no fault of thier own, may have a haunted room on thier hands..and allthough the energy is of dark nature, and very well may be the Shooter in this homocide who took his own life,i doubt very seriously this spirit intends to hurt anyone..It will be interesting to hear what if any happenings in this room go on..i would recommend this motel to anyone traveling along HWY59..the rooms are clean, the staff is eager to help and ensure that your stay is great experience..
See the face 2nd window down..looks like a man looking out the window..
What are they looking at?
Another face..looking at the camera
Out front of the room where 3 people lost there lives all in a matter of's tradjedy that the motel will endure..