Founders Memorial Cemetery is located just west of downtown at 1217 West Dallas in Houston,
Founders Memorial Cemetery has been recognized as an Historic Texas Cemetery by the Texas Historical Commission and is located in Houston, Harris CountyTexas.  The entrance is located at the intersection of West Dallas and Valentine Street....iTS REPUTED TO BE ONE OF HOUSTON'S MOST HAUNTED CEMETERY..
  Many figures important to the early history of Texas were buried in Founders Memorial Cemetery. One of the Allen brothers who co-founded the City of Houston, a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, the mother of Republic of Texas President Mirabeau B. Lamar and many of the officers and soldiers who fought in the Battle of San Jacinto are buried there.
This particular cemetery is also a regular stop to a popular ghost tour in Houston..It's real easy to get to and generally no one there when it comes to being able to investigate it..the neighborhood is alittle scary at night...but then you are in a cemetery right? This very cemetery gave me my first ghost pic and my  most convincing ghost picture ever taken..And now 10 years later Ghostheadfinder returns to walk the hallowed grounds of this paupers cemetery..Many bodies but only a few lucky headstones..Ghostheadfinder dedicates this page to the men,women and children who were lost back in the days of dengue fever and buried right here in this cemetery in downtown Houston,without a headstone in rememberence of them..This is thier rememberence..
******************************NEWEST FOUNDER PICS TAKEN MAR3RD 2011*******************************************************
Taken 10 years ago with traditional camera
Hard to deny something is going on there..
Then i went the same headstone after 10 years and started the quest for answers all over again..Even the time apart couldn't stop paranormal activity in this cemetery and especially around THE VERY SAME HEADSTONE!!!! CHECK IT OUT!!!!!
Robert Montgomerys stone seems to be very active..
Robert Montgomerys'stone here
See the spirit above?
Heres a close-up of the spirit in that pic...
Another spirit face near the same headstone
Pic taken at the founders Cemetery in Houston, seems to be another spirit of the cemetery..
Pic taken at the Founders Cemetery in Houston,Texas.
Orb activity captured at Founders
Pic taken at the Founders Cemetery in Houston Texas..
More orbs...this has an aura about it....
Pic taken at Founders in Houston Texas...just downtown from the buildings..
Orbs or dust...
My theory on Orbs goes as follows: They are the same thing as the halo's many religious figures had behind there head thruout history..take that figure away from the picture itself and all that is left is an Orb.....
Orb or dust?if this was dust there would be at least one more particle showing on the picture.
Pic taken at Founders Cemetery in Houston, Texas
<<<<<See the face coming off the Orb?
See this friendly spirit?>>
Here he is.
He looks mad..
Pic taken at the Founders Cemetery in downtown Houston,Texas...see her?
This is how i see her
Another nameless female spirit from the cemetery..
More orb activity.
Another orb pic from the cemetery..
Again what i see
This orb is alittle more convoluded with pixel..
Think either one of those two is Archibald?
Another spirit of the cemetery...
Even more spirits making there prescence known....i wonder if they have headstones out here...
Strange looking Orb..lots of energy in it...
Someone joining me?
Maybe this is William posing with his headstone...
See the spirit face of this Orb?
Another spirit of the cemetery...he nows has a headstone here on Ghostheadfinder.
Do you see all the spirit faces? they too now have headstones here at Ghostheadfinder..
See him?
almost has eyes
Can you see the spirits here?All from Founders
See this one?
Taken at Founders....seee the man looking out the window?
Pic taken at the Founders Cemetery in Houston,Texas
See the apparition walking across the lawn here at Founders?
Pic taken at the Founders Cemetery in Houston,Texas
Did'nt notice the object untill long after i had taken the picture.
See him looking back at me?
Spirit face.
Do you see her?
More spirit faced orbs.
Spirits manifest in an way they can...using the backdrop of any dimensional matter..
Seriously you see what i see?
See this one?
Sometimes spirts will wrap themselves around eacother in order to make mass and themselves seen..
Can you see them?.
Are you kiddng me?Look at his face
This was  me last pic of the night...couldnt quit figure it out