BEELER CEMETERY is located in Houston, Texas off of Enclave Parkway off of Interstate 10.   Because off the limited stones and the dates of which these people died i assume there has to be more bodies buried underneath as well.As this is the case with cemeteries  buried with victims of disease like dengue or yellow fever many victims were buried fast and without marker. Sometimes they would bury several strangers at a time and i suspect this cemetery houses some of the unknowns that have passed in that time.
Here is an investigation done by Ghostheadfinder on Feb. 10th 2012. The Beeler cemetery has  a history of car wrecks on this corner of the lot and two people murdered found tied up with their throats slit open.Police reports had Cherl Henry and Andy Atkinson  found horribly wronged on this very property. Their murders go unsolved to this day! This is an attempt to try to find some answers..
Pic was taken at the Beeler Family Cemetery in Houston,Texas
This seemingly quiet cemetery is surrounded by a fence not even chest there is no need to go in the cemetery property itself. You can lean over and get all the pics you want.
Once i got settled in , visitors began to show up.....
Or him?
There were two more to show up to have their pics taken,thus giving them their tombstone of memory to be seen all over the world.
i think one thing that makes this land so active of spirits is  because of  the mass grave that it is located in between buildings and parking garages..There are trees there with classic markings of mass burials without tombstones..People forgotten after death and laid to rest to hastily due to disease, there is much unrest here. i think my pictures will show this as you go further into the pics..
The lot is located between parking garages and office buildings..right in the middle is Beeler cemetery..Previous cases show this is a perfect climate for multiple hauntings..
Here is a closeup of the previous spirit.
They are marking their spot on their final resting place....
Close up
Near one of the old tombstones in this very old cemetery
Trees are often spray painted in pauper cemteries with a marker usually signifying the  the very spot of a burial of bodies but no tombstones or markers for them..
See him?
GHOSTHEADFINDER'S FINAL CONCLUSION: This property from inside the cemetery to outside the fence is haunted by several spirits. The history of the murders that occured at this cemetery will forever be remembered sadly until the arrest and conviction of the person who committed this crime..
heres a close up
i see a man's face here>>>
Alot of these orbs seem to pose with trees alot more frequently..signifying mass graves and "their" markers
um not sure 
is he smling?
Close up
Close up
Close up
close up.
See the mans face inside the orb?
This cemetery has survived the big city,car wrecks only yards from it,and two unsolved gruesome murders..
Close up.
Close up
i didnt even have to go inside the actual cemetery to get these spirits to come out..i think that is the secret to this place..dont tread on their soil by going inside the fence.
Taken at the Beeler family cemtery in Houston,Texas.
Spirit posing with their tree marker..
Close up
Close up